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Cohen and Garson Architects

Our practice approaches all projects within an ethos of responsible design and sensitivity. The social, physical and natural context drive our design process. Rather than making whimsical design decisions, we work on developing an appropriate concept that is a careful response to the context of the project and its requirements. All design decisions – no matter how detailed –  are informed by this concept.

Nina Cohen and Fiona Garson have been in partnership for 15 years. The studio currently employs four permanent staff, and draws on skilled staff and collaborators as the need arises. This flexibility enables the partners to be intimately involved in all projects and to be discerning when deciding which projects to take on. Our open and respectful working relationship with each other and with our staff makes for good decision-making and a collegial working environment. We enjoy working in a team and collaborating with others.

The good fortune we have enjoyed as a result of our collective skills, experience, and approach to  our work, has enabled our involvement in interesting and ground-breaking projects. Our appointment to large cultural and educational projects has come from winning key national architectural competitions including WAM (Wits Art Museum) and UMP (University of Mpumalanga).


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