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House Cohen, Parktown North, Johannesburg, SA



This speculative development involved  the renovation of an existing 1940's small house located on the property. The house was situated to the west side of the property, affording the opportunity of creating a second dwelling/granny flat on a 9 meter wide strip of the property between the edge of the existing house and the site boundary.  A series of smaller private garden courtyards maximise outdoor space. These courtyards create privacy for each house despite their tight relationship. The courtyards also maximise north light.


Both the new house and the extensions to the old house, including a main bedroom, bathroom, living room and separate studio, are contemporary both in conception, form and materials.  The existing house has been opened up but has essentially retained its form. This contrast offsets new with old and enhances both.


The new house consists of an open plan living room on the ground floor with a master bedroom, bathroom and two smaller bedrooms on the upper floor. The master bedroom and smaller bedrooms are connected by a bridge, which spans a double volume space into the living room below.

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