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University of Mpumalanga, Mbombela, SA

Executive Management Building - 2015


The building is intended to be linked, through scale and proximity, to the library building to the north, but to be expressed as an elevated south facing building accessed through the garden of memory. It is located to the south of the Library precinct, slightly raised from with the memory garden.The building has a prime location on the east edge of the central Campus Square adjacent to the main entrance to the university.

The Building accommodates the Senior Executive management team including the Vice Chancellor, four Deputy Vice Chancellors all with individual PA’s, the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Operating Security office, HEM’s office and associated PA offices, Academic Planner and PA offices, a Council Chamber and Council meeting room, Board rooms and Seminar rooms are also provided. An Entrance Foyer, Exhibition area and necessary ablutions and kitchenettes are also provided.


The plan of the building is derived from efficient office planning, a central passage with spaces on either side. The form consists of a long rectangular brick strip with brick breeze block screens at each of the short ends and deep slit windows on the north façade which both allow and control the entry of north light to the building. On both the north and south sides, rectangular forms project from this central brick strip. These projections are faced with a combination of 'winblock', terracotta tiles and brickwork panels creating interesting patterning. The south projecting element is entirely glazed on the south side affording the occupant soft south light and beautiful views over Mbombela. This glazing opens onto narrow balconies, accessed from the offices. The Council Chamber, located on the top floor is articulated with sheer frameless glass panels overlooking the view.

Entry into the building is from the south where an external, partly covered, platform has been formed. The entrance foyer, which can also serve as an exhibition or events space has a glazed edge onto this external plaza.

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