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Lisof Fashion School, Randburg, SA


The new LISOF fashion school is situated on the northern edge of a small suburban park, Conrad Drive, Blairgowrie. It sits within a mixed use part of the suburb, where commercial, corporate, educational and residential buildings are clustered. Although the park was neglected and partially used for parking and informal taxi ranking, the potential relationship between the new school and the park was striking and informed the design


A formal link between building and park is created through a promenade that connects the commercial strip in Conrad Drive with the entrance to the fashion school.  The promenade was conceptualised both as walkway and as fashion ramp, the intention being to encourage the schools use of the park for outdoor fashion shows. This walkway separates the parking from the green, treed park land, thereby allowing each to function with more clarity. By formally structuring parking and taxi drop off areas, the park is able to cater for recreation and necessary vehicular functions.

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