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Guggenheim Helsinki Competition - Continued

Because exhibitions of contemporary art are multidisciplinary and always evolving, what are required are maximum flexibility and great variety of spaces with varying volumes and lighting conditions to enable different presentations. The wooden boxes in the glasshouses expand or contract into a number of display configurations to accommodate specific conditions - scales, sequences and spaces - required for exhibitions in various mediums. Different gallery box components are shifted within this container and locked into the required combination of environments - clustered, linear, stacked, even absent.

These Floating light skylight galleries and vitrines encourage different ways of experiencing contemporary art and design. From the darker base gallery allowing video projection to the natural light glasshouses above for objects and landscape installations, multiple and new connections are made between art and audience, and the dynamic urban rooftop of skylights and terraces frame spectacular views of the city as visitors are able to look back across the harbor in a completely different way.


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